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Vintage and innovation cocktail: retro style in web design
Once on a blog, I already wrote about the retro style for the Internet, or rather just published a very interesting selection of retro website designs. Now let’s add a…

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Google+ style buttons, download 200 Google+ icons
The Google+ social network, even in beta testing, burst into the lives of advanced users, so do not be surprised at the interest that this social network causes, including web…

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Google Chrome and automatic user authorization
The Google Chrome browser (based on Chromium) uses WebKit engine to render pages. The first version for Windows was released back on 12/11/2008, and now it is one of the…

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E-Bay – the largest online auction

All modern life takes place on the Internet. It is there that we can learn about everything that happens around us. We can watch the latest movies while sitting at home and replacing the cinema’s huge screen with a computer monitor. The same thing happens with purchases. Today, technology has come to the point that we can make purchases without leaving home, without making much effort. Buy clothes, cosmetics, toys, appliances, household goods at home from the computer, lying in bed or even taking a shower. With the advent of such a “luxury” came up with a lot of resources that allow you to make purchases in a couple of mouse clicks. One of these resources is E-Bay, and I want to tell you about it. Continue reading

Mobile version of the site and responsive design: all the pros and cons

In the era of the mobile revolution, it is worth considering giving your customers the opportunity to work with the site using smartphones, tablets, etc. It is necessary to give them the opportunity to solve any business processes in a mobile mode. Now even vector graphics in Android can be edited, not to mention simpler tasks.

This post is a translation of the article Giving Our Clients The Best Deal In Mobile. Thanks for the publication of MotoDesignBlog whose authors were engaged in translation.

Mobile version of the site
When reorganizing the site, you should pay attention to the mobile version.

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The best interfaces of mobile applications (selection of source sites)

Now the direction of mobile design is experiencing a real boom: traffic from various devices is growing rapidly, and new applications appear like mushrooms after rain. Therefore, it is not surprising that many articles are devoted to this topic and even special sites are created with interesting ideas for inspiration, be it hamburger menu icons or any other screen elements. We’ll talk about such web resources.

Projects with archives of screenshots of mobile application interfaces can be useful to those who are already working or just delving into the niche of mobile. They contain the best options or just good implementations of mobile interfaces. Unlike the UI Patterns service with design patterns, in most cases graphics from applications are presented here, rather than elements of adaptive versions of sites. Such collections are called ui patterns or mobile patterns (if you look for them yourself in Google). Continue reading

The main types of user interface buttons

Buttons are one of the most famous interactive user interface elements. They play a very important role in creating user interaction and creating a positive experience. Continuing a series of posts on UI / UX design topics, this article has collected concepts and examples regarding the most commonly used types of buttons found on websites and mobile applications.

Previously, we published a note about the history of changes in the design of buttons on sites and in interfaces (starting from 2009), but now we will consider this element in terms of functionality, purpose and how it is implemented (triggered). This post is a translation of this article from Tubik Studio.

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Features UI application design in different countries

When you create an interface design for applications / sites operating in different countries, you should take into account the peculiarities of national cultures and traditions of the corresponding target audience. Today we publish a translation of an article from the international company Cuberto, which is engaged in outsourced design and has experience in working with customers from all over the world.

In the article, experts share their impressions and important nuances regarding the UX / UI design of several countries: Japan, the USA, the Russian Federation, China, India and others. You could apply these practices and approaches to your professional activities. The entire animation is taken from the original note (perhaps it will be loaded a little longer than ordinary pictures, but more clearly).

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