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How to create a website that increases your brand awareness
If you want your site to become successful, just good design will not be enough: it should first of all reflect the personality of your brand. When developing a design,…

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The best interfaces of mobile applications (selection of source sites)
Now the direction of mobile design is experiencing a real boom: traffic from various devices is growing rapidly, and new applications appear like mushrooms after rain. Therefore, it is not…

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How to make favicon with your own hands?
Favicon A site without a favicon, like a ship without a flag. Favicon is an integral part of a site’s brand, its image and identification. By the way, look at…

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5 lessons from Japanese website designs

Back in 2014, we published an interesting selection of designs for Japanese anime sites. Surely you realize that the work there is quite specific and original. They are very different from the generally accepted standard approaches to web design, say, in Europe or the USA. The visual design of Japanese online sites is very colorful, it uses a lot of different colorful graphics, images, plus pages are literally “stuffed” with texts.

Many users perceive such web projects is difficult, they look confusing and even a little annoying in places. However, as correctly noted in the comments on the previous article, this approach to design is a Continue reading

Licenses on photo stocks: not prohibited does not mean allowed

In the comments to the blog article about the best free photo stocks, you can find a few questions regarding copyright for photographs and images. An employee of one of the photo banks tried to answer them, but today I would like to publish a slightly more comprehensive article on this topic and at the same time consider the types of licenses in photo stocks. The material was prepared by Yulia Melnichenko.

Photo Stock License
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Web Design Clients to Avoid

After you finally become a web designer and started to fight for success in the real world, you may find yourself in a rather difficult situation. Teachers must have warned (or you heard) that various problems could arise with future clients. However, reality often turns out to be even more cruel than it seems to us at first.

The bills are starting to accumulate, the payment term for the apartment is getting closer and in such conditions a dubious customer who wants you to develop a logo for him and a website design for $ 100- $ 150 does not look like such a bad option. We all know how difficult it is to adhere to our principles, and to look for a good job that allows a career and skills to grow, rather than wallow in routine, but in difficult moments it doesn’t work to think about it. Continue reading

The difference between UI and UX: a practical example

Today there will be a guest post on the topic of UX and UI interfaces using the Icons8 service as an example. The author is a usability specialist Andrei Burmistrov, the text is published in the first person.

I know what you think: well, another attempt to impose your opinion on the controversial and always discussed topic “What is the difference between UX and UI?”

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Current trends and trends in logo design

The current trends in logo design 2017 did not become any special revelation. Similar to the main trends in website design, they are more a continuation and development of what users have already seen in the past year. This issue is considered quite well in Bill Gardner’s Logo Trends 2017, so we decided to prepare a translation of the publication.

Update 02/18/2018: We invite you to see a new article on the topic – about logo trends for 2018. Looking ahead, we can say that some of the tricks have remained unchanged, but there are also original ideas.

We highlight three basic points seen in this niche: Continue reading

The main types of user interface buttons on sites and applications
Buttons are one of the most famous interactive user interface elements. They play a very important role in creating user interaction and creating a positive experience. Continuing a series of…


Ways to navigate users on the site
Imagine that you are traveling by car, but due to traffic jams all the main roads are blocked, and you need to turn into an unfamiliar part of the city.…


Creating an Effective Hero Image Image for a Website
Does the user only need 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on any site? Web developers and designers really have very little time to make a good impression on a…


Where and how does a designer make money on the Internet
At present, it is not so easy to find a suitable and well-paid job, even for a knowledgeable, versed person. The crisis and all other nonsense oppresses, some unemployment in…