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The best interfaces of mobile applications (selection of source sites)

Now the direction of mobile design is experiencing a real boom: traffic from various devices is growing rapidly, and new applications appear like mushrooms after rain. Therefore, it is not surprising that many articles are devoted to this topic and even special sites are created with interesting ideas for inspiration, be it hamburger menu icons or any other screen elements. We’ll talk about such web resources.

Projects with archives of screenshots of mobile application interfaces can be useful to those who are already working or just delving into the niche of mobile. They contain the best options or just good implementations of mobile interfaces. Unlike the UI Patterns service with design patterns, in most cases graphics from applications are presented here, rather than elements of adaptive versions of sites. Such collections are called ui patterns or mobile patterns (if you look for them yourself in Google).

In general, creating an effective and beautiful design of mobile interfaces is not an easy task. Yes, there are certain rules, you can find ready-made UI / UX kits, read expert advice, but still the “area for imagination” is somewhat limited. It is necessary not only to keep within certain screen sizes, but also to create an effective graphical shell from the point of view of usability. The application should be simple and straightforward. It requires not just the experience of a designer, but the special skills of a mobile application interface designer.

We begin our review with the most famous projects.


Surely the Dribbble site is familiar to you, because It is one of the largest platforms for designers, where they present their work, exchange experiences and find inspiration. We mentioned him in the five useful design social networks, he is also often found in different selections of graphics, etc. There are two ways to find beautiful interfaces of mobile applications here: 1) enter the query “mobile app” in the search bar or 2) open the Tags menu item, where you select iphone, ui, android tags, etc.


Behance is another popular portfolio type service with discussion and job search. I advise you to look at the detailed information in a detailed review, but now I’ll just tell you how to look for beautiful application interfaces. Here there is a very powerful filter mechanism (horizontal menu), where you can first select the UI / UX category instead of “All Creative Fields”, and then additionally use the search or similar tags on the topic (Related tags) – application, iphone, ipad, etc. .


Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration and, at the same time, the most popular graphic bookmarking service. On the site you can find a lot of interesting materials, you just need to register. Next, enter the query you need in the search bar, for example – “mobile app design”. At the same time, you can choose ready-made collections (Boards) from experienced users as a source, or view all files.

Mobile mozaic

Unlike previous sites, where mobile application interfaces are one of the categories of work, the Mobile Mozaic project is entirely devoted to this area. Here are about 200 different applications that are sorted by various topics: music, food, finance, sports, travel, etc. When you click on a picture, you will be taken to a page with a selection of different screenshots from the selected program.

Mobile Design Inspiration

The first thing that catches your eye on the Mobile Design Inspiration website is the presence of animations (gif’s) that display the operation of mobile application interfaces. If you compare this format with screenshots, then it is, of course, more intuitive, because allows you to see not just the design of the screen, but also different effects when the user interacts with him.


The Pttrns project is one of the most frequently mentioned on the net. The simplest design and functionality, nothing more (except advertising). On the left side of the menu, you can select the type of interface page: graphs, about the project, filters, maps, logins, calculators, news, notifications, etc. Additionally, there are tags on the right. When you go to the page of a specific application and click on the screenshot, a pop-up window will open with all the pictures (such viewing is most convenient).

Inspired ui

By default, the latest Inspired UI homepage displays the latest screenshots. The header has a drop-down list of categories and a selection of devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). As in the previous example, when you click on the picture of a specific application, you do not get a page with all its designs.


UIHaus has collected many examples of beautiful design of mobile interfaces and, moreover, it’s implemented very nicely. At the moment, as I understand it, only the beta version of the project is available, but everything works fine. On the top of the page you will find the search bar + popular tags, above the screenshots – a filter of the most popular, new and photos with the maximum number of likes. When viewing a single application, all its interfaces are displayed. Very comfortably.

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