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How to create a website that increases your brand awareness

If you want your site to become successful, just good design will not be enough: it should first of all reflect the personality of your brand. When developing a design, you need to consider that colors, texts, images, site structure – all this should be aimed at emphasizing the uniqueness of your company.

Think of the style of your brand as a combination of qualities and ideas that you want people to associate with your company. Design should help you get these ideas across to your audience. For example, Google uses minimalism in its design, which suggests thoughts about the simplicity and technicality of their products. While Ben & Jerry’s created a light, fun style for themselves through the use of vibrant colors, funny icons and custom texts.

Your site is the most important component of online branding, so it should fully convey the nature of your brand. Here are some tips that can help you create a website that reflects the unique features of your company and helps to consolidate your brand in the market.

your brand recognition
If you want your site to stand out, look high-quality and significant, make sense and reflect a certain lifestyle, you will need well-designed content. Catchy illustrations, compelling texts and everything that may seem original and worthy of attention to your audience can be considered such content.

You need to show the target audience what benefits your site brings and that your brand can help them achieve their goals. Grab the attention of users and give them something worthwhile so that they have a desire to return to your site. Regularly add new articles and photos designed specifically for this audience.

The quality of the content also affects the ranking of the material in the search engine results. The more time visitors spend on your site, the more often they add their pages to bookmarks and pass links to it, the higher it will be in search results and the easier it will be to find it.

brand awareness content
Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, McDonalds – when you hear these words, a certain picture appears before your eyes, and this picture is the company logo. You can not overestimate its importance in branding, as well as in the development of website design.

On a good logo you can build the entire advertising strategy. It should serve as a visual analogue of the name of the company, so it’s worth placing it on the most visible place on the site and make sure that it is displayed on each page. Do not forget to make several versions of your modern company logo design that would represent it in different social networks, devices, etc.

brand recognition logo
The term “call to action” (call-to-action, CTA) refers to a phrase that should make potential customers want to perform a specific action here and now. For example, you are selling a certain product or want a visitor to download some application. You need to create a clear, action-provoking message, something like “View the catalog”, “Download now”, “Go and win”; this will help visitors understand what is required of them and fully enjoy the capabilities of your site.

At the design development stage, think about what goal should be the basis of user interaction with your site. To draw attention to your CTA, leave some free space around it, do not let it mix with the main text and select it with the right color so that visitors will notice it.

Make sure that the font and color scheme of your site matches the specifics of your brand. For example, if you are gardening, do not use a black background and the font Tron. You will prefer pale green or bright floral tones, which can be combined with earthy shades and a simple, clear font. On the other hand, if you sell surfing gear, you will need to choose the colors and fonts that will present your product as something related to rampant, reminiscent of a grunge spirit.

brand recognition fonts and styles
There are a huge number of applications and graphic elements that can be applied on your site to make it convenient to use. The main thing is not to forget that quality is important, not quantity. Choose an application that will appeal to your target audience and will match the style of your brand. For example, a music group may add a comment feed from the social network Facebook, but a law firm should probably not do this. A comedy club can use the calendar of events on the site, but does it need a dental clinic? On the Wix App Market, you can find great web applications sorted by category, so it will be easy for you to choose one of them for your site.

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