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Endless page scrolling: helps or harms?

When it comes to online marketing or web design, it is extremely important to be the initiator of successful ideas and shape trends in your own field. Today we will talk about one of these trends – the endless scrolling (scrolling) of pages on the site: what opportunities does it present for business? what is the best way to implement and when should this function be abandoned? The material is based on a translation of an article about Infinite Scrolling by SpeckyBoy.

Endless page scrolling
The main sections of the article:

What is infinite scrolling?
Key features (pluses).
Why it should be avoided.
Implementation Tips
The 2,000th generation is known for its habit of quickly browsing information on sites in seconds, deciding whether to stay or quit. Competing projects must know exactly how to gather and retain an audience, or else they risk staying in the background. In an effort to attract the attention of the masses, for example, using the parallax effect, many also decided to introduce endless scrolling. This approach has been actively used over the past few years, and examples of very popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram only confirm its effectiveness.

However, the fact that endless scroll is suitable for these sites does not mean at all that it will be suitable for your web resource. The chip is quite appropriate when performing certain tasks, but on some projects, on the contrary, it can impede the achievement of goals.

Since this term can be used to refer to various characteristics and functionalities, in this case we mean an endless scroll with automatic loading of content as the user scrolls down the page. It seems that the page is endless and the user can scroll as much as desired.

Infinite scrolling works best with certain types of content. For example, it is ideal for low-engagement sites such as Twitter. Since this web resource is filled with short text blocks, visitors quickly browse the content.

Most often, endless page scrolling works well with a large amount of easy-to-read content. If this is in line with your company’s goals, this feature will suit you as well.

Positive characteristics of the method:

User Retention. This is one of the main features of endless scrolling, plus it allows you to quickly engage visitors. In addition, it also motivates users to stay on the page, as they can endlessly browse the content by scrolling down.
Easy navigation / usability. Scrolling is an easy-to-understand and universal method that does not require special efforts to perform. It immediately gives visitors access to the basic information of the site.
Suitable for viewing illustrated materials, as well as for users of mobile devices. Infinite scrolling is a good way to provide viewing of many simple visual elements. Also suitable for mobile devices, where one-finger scrolling is considered the best way to navigate.
That is why this approach is great for Instagram, whose main goal is to quickly submit a series of photos. There is no need to linger on each image for a long time, plus most service visitors use mobile devices.

Despite the advantages, it’s best for owners of some types of web projects to refuse to introduce such a mechanism:

Commercial sites. They make it easy to search and purchase products that meet certain characteristics. Sales web sites should provide simple and accurate navigation tools. If the main goal of your company is to sell, using endless scroll is not recommended. Design a simple and user-friendly design with disabilities so that consumers can concentrate on buying.
Selling site and scrolling
Any sites that provide for the search for special products or services. When users get into a project with infinite scrolling, they are faced with many options. This is not always suitable for those who pursue specific goals. Too many options are likely to force the visitor to leave the web resource.
Sites with content focused on a long period of time. Magazines and web resources where articles require in-depth study will not benefit from endless scrolling. Continuously loading content may seem overwhelming in terms of usability and will lead users to leave the site rather than continue reading.
The difficulty of navigating when searching for specific information again. One of the main reasons not to switch to this function is the difficulty of re-searching for specific information. This can adversely affect commercial niches.

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