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Mobile version of the site and responsive design: all the pros and cons

In the era of the mobile revolution, it is worth considering giving your customers the opportunity to work with the site using smartphones, tablets, etc. It is necessary to give them the opportunity to solve any business processes in a mobile mode. Now even vector graphics in Android can be edited, not to mention simpler tasks.

This post is a translation of the article Giving Our Clients The Best Deal In Mobile. Thanks for the publication of MotoDesignBlog whose authors were engaged in translation.

Mobile version of the site
When reorganizing the site, you should pay attention to the mobile version.

It is impossible to ignore the growing interest in mobile sites, but I would like to find out if customers really need a fully functional mobile version or is it just a desire to succumb to the newfangled trend.

Jump on the wagon soon!
Today, mobile devices have occupied an important place in the life of each of us. The increasing use of smartphones and the availability of fast mobile Internet connections have become a powerful impetus to the mobile revolution. All companies, regardless of the type of activity, should take this into account, otherwise in the near future they may suffer from this.
There is no doubt that a mobile phone is becoming the main way to access the Internet. Image from the site:

A mobile device is a new and exciting toy that already dictates the future for our business and career. No wonder we want to be part of this. But this scenario is reminiscent of a story from the past when many print designers re-qualified as web designers. When the Internet appeared and became publicly available, everyone wanted to create their own personal website, and the world of printing was re-qualified and rebuilt. Many sites were created in the days when no one visited anyone. But for many, the trend wave was more important than demand.

It’s right that time does not stand still, and we want to keep up with it. Nevertheless, I would like to make sure that we do not make decisions for our customers and do not solve problems that are not yet needed, just to increase the number of works in our portfolio.

Do customers need a mobile version?
Time is everything. For a business that is trying to make a profit, return on investment always matters.

Although a mobile version is needed, it still brings a very small percentage of the total traffic for many organizations. Very often, the optimization of the mobile version is at the very end of the list of tasks that need to be done on web design. Business goals, specific features and technical issues have a higher priority, especially if the company is relatively small.

Investing in the future is undoubtedly important for the client, but if they are invested too early, you risk investing money in not the most profitable business, which will go out of trend when it touches the client directly.

Wait a second! But if we create a mobile version now, then it certainly will not go out of fashion? There is no complete certainty in this. Of course, responsive design is now much more developed than a few years ago. Time passes and everything develops. But can you say that the code and design decisions you used a year ago are as good as the ones you use today? Responsive design templates appear and change, CSS and JavaScript methods are also developing, and some solutions did not last long, they were quickly replaced by new ones.

Mobile version of the site
For many sites, mobile traffic is still critically low.

Many customers also see a rising wave of popularity of mobile devices. They want to create a mobile application or website because they like to play with their new, brilliant mobile device. Customers understand that the mobile version is the future, so they decided that now is the right time to invest in mobile sites. But this may not be so for all types of businesses. The mobile version may not currently be worth the money invested in it. Time is everything when it comes to return on investment.

Among all the brilliant things, your own application shines brighter than all. Whatever your arguments for your own developments, if you put aside bias, it is difficult to disagree that for our customers the application may not be the coolest and most brilliant.

When users think about mobile, they think not only about the site, but also about mobile applications. They do not promote mobile versions of sites on television, but regularly advertise stores and individual mobile solutions. Customers may not know the difference between the native application and the hybrid – our responsibility is to explain this difference, but when they think about the product, they still want their own “cool, brilliant and in the App Store”.

However, such implementations are expensive. You will need developers with special skills who are well versed not only in programming, but also know the features of UI design.

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