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Trends in the design and design of email newsletters in 2020

Despite the fact that email marketing has existed for decades, it still remains an actual trend in Internet marketing in 2020 and a popular way to promote services online. The method shows good returns at minimal cost and can compete in efficiency with the development of B2B sites (business for business) or the creation of beautiful landing pages (landing pages).

Email marketing is suitable for almost all niches and products, but here it is important to understand that it will attract customers and bring you sales only with the proper approach. Firstly, you should carefully consider your promotion strategy, and secondly, not just use 2-3 beautiful mail icons in the design, but clearly follow the modern design trends of email newsletters. We’ll talk about them today.

At first, this may seem strange, but hyper-personalization (and not the usual one we are used to) is directly related to all aspects of email, including its design.

Hyper mailing personalization

(personalization increases the number of delivered mail; targeted emails make 58% of all revenue, provide an increase in ROI by 122%; more than 90% of people 18-65 years old bought at least 1 product / service as a result of a comprehensive advertising email campaign)

This is not about simple segmentation of the subscriber base, which is applied now. This refers to email newsletters that will be interesting to each user from your client base, and which will serve a specific purpose – not standard / global, but personalized (important for a particular person).

Hyper-personalization can be achieved using machine learning and AI technology, allowing you to identify certain patterns when viewing information. This allows the computer to differentiate data and learn to predict the behavior of users, as well as give recommendations for achieving better results.

For example, if last year the adaptive design turned out to be effective for emailing, and a particular person rarely looked at letters in pastel colors, then the analysis of this information and the subsequent implementation of certain measures will achieve high performance indicators (KPI) for this audience.

The task of hyper-personalization is to improve the perception of newsletters by customers, which ultimately will encourage them to interact with your product or service.

This is one of the best ways to get attention. And the more attention your letter draws, the more effective your conversion optimization efforts will be (CRO). An electronic newsletter must (!) Have to attract attention – only in this case it will help users interact with your brand, prompt them to further actions, including pressing active buttons.

Email Interactivity

(in all cases of using interactive content, it gives a positive result – more than 65-80% of respondents agree with this)

In the course of work, you can try to use many interactive elements. Among them, there will certainly be one that will best suit your target audience. For example, sliders are more effective if you want to present more than three products, while the effect of erased or flipping cards increases the involvement of users in advertising discount codes and promotional offers.

There are a number of other methods, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that interactive email newsletters help to increase the level of engagement, since in this case it is much more interesting to “find” the desired content than just reading about it in the text. Just do not overdo it, otherwise it will confuse the client and distract his attention.

You should not add too much content. The right amount of information will help to make users satisfied with what they find and are ready to interact with your product or service. Use small catchy pieces of content as something important and interesting.

Ultimately, after attracting initial attention, you need to come up with something memorable that your potential client will want (and will not forget) to interact with. Small videos, interesting facts, small fragments of infographics – you will only need something that will be compact enough and well remembered.

For example, the same flip cards (flipping) fully comply with the wishes described above – they are ideal for dividing content into two parts, while helping to reduce the amount of information displayed, look attractive and memorable.

Social services and media platforms provide great networking opportunities. But not without competent email marketing, achieving the intended goal will still fail.

Trends in the design and design of email newsletters in 2020
Despite the fact that email marketing has existed for decades, it still remains an actual trend in Internet marketing in 2020 and a popular way to promote services online. The…


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