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Features UI application design in different countries

When you create an interface design for applications / sites operating in different countries, you should take into account the peculiarities of national cultures and traditions of the corresponding target audience. Today we publish a translation of an article from the international company Cuberto, which is engaged in outsourced design and has experience in working with customers from all over the world.

In the article, experts share their impressions and important nuances regarding the UX / UI design of several countries: Japan, the USA, the Russian Federation, China, India and others. You could apply these practices and approaches to your professional activities. The entire animation is taken from the original note (perhaps it will be loaded a little longer than ordinary pictures, but more clearly).

In this case, we will talk about a Japanese startup, similar to the Uber mobile application, but with its own control system. To design the user interface, a “cartoon” style was chosen, which was reflected in the choice of certain color shades, fonts, and other graphic elements.

UI design in Japan
Such aesthetics were intended for an audience (probably a youth) with special visual preferences that far went beyond the classical ones. Customers had a chance to choose simpler, more familiar design solutions, but they settled on a game-style option. The color / implementation partly resembles the layouts of Japanese anime sites.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE
In exploring the Arabian market, Cuberto specialists had to work hard – with UX / UI development, it was necessary to take into account the specific way in which users of these countries interact with the mobile device interface. They even accepted the invitation of the client in order to visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and get to know their cultural traditions. Unusual Arabic typography also had a certain effect on the overall result.

UI design in UAE
Firstly, the Chinese market is quite closed, so sometimes it’s difficult to conclude a contract without your physical presence. Secondly, having worked on several proposals from China, we can conclude that almost all design options here are very colorful and cover a wide color spectrum. A couple of examples of mobile designs below are a good confirmation of this.

UI design in China

The Russian market is slightly behind the rest in visual aesthetics. There are not many opportunities for large startups, while most projects are focused on traditional, already rooted businesses, such as banking, where mobile applications are created in accordance with the corporate identity and branding. A distinctive feature of Russian design can be called template design compositions developed according to already existing rules.

UI design in Russia

Here, a distinctive national feature is the passion for illustrations – whether it’s mobile device user interfaces or website layouts. The choice of a specific implementation style depends on the type of product, but an abundance of illustrations is present in any version.

UI design in India

USA, UK and EU
The developers have a lot of experience in this niche, because they are often accessed by customers from the USA, UK and the European Union. Projects here, as a rule, are developed taking into account new trends, and design elements are selected based on the experience of the best modern practices.

If we talk about what is fashionable now, then this is, first of all, simplicity and minimalism, a lot of negative space, large fonts and restrained color solutions. Often, decisions focus on interactivity and switching from one screen to another.

UI design in USA and EU

Total We hope you liked the selection of UI solutions. In part, it looks like design trends for different countries, but in reality it is only the experience of a particular studio. In addition, it is more about user interfaces rather than the external design of applications / sites. If there is something to supplement on the topic, write.

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