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Tips for Using Images on Websites and Blogs

Of course, the image is the epicenter of any website, because a person is visual in nature. When creating a website or blog, we pay particular attention to content, design and SEO. And with these three components, the use of images is inextricably linked.

Did you know that messages containing images open 47% more, and that readers spend 51% more time on them than those that do not have illustrations?

images on websites
That is why today we offer some tips to use images on your site wisely. From now on, there will be no “white spots” for you!

Take Care of SEO Images

When placing an image on your site, do not forget to fill in the “Title”, ALT and “Signature” fields (“Title”, “Alternative Text” and “Signature” in WordPress) for images with relevant keywords. This will not only increase the number of views, but also cause an influx of visitors through SEO.

Update images

Nobody dresses in the fashion of five years ago – the same principle applies to images, change them. This should be done more often if you have a blog, and if it is a site with static images, then a “face lift” will be required from time to time.

Choose appropriate images

Ask yourself what you want to communicate through the site – and look for images that match this idea and design. Do not sacrifice the integrity of the graphic concept for the sake of a random image that you liked.

Lay out images to help the user read long text

To draw attention to a button or important section, place a bright image there. To fill in the blanks, select a more neutral one.

Edit images

Using Photoshop or Gimp (a free program) you can make the image truly unforgettable: crop, optimize the size, create a mosaic … The only limitation is your imagination.

Use professional image picking platforms

Even using Creative Commons licensed images on platforms such as Flickr, it’s risky to use: there is no quality control there, you will have to spend a lot of time finding the right image, and most importantly, this can cause problems with the law due to copyright infringement. It is better to opt for platforms such as Fotolia: all of these aspects are controlled there, and in addition, 55% of their images are intended for use on the network.

Mount images in video

If you have many images, you can combine them in a video format that will be easily displayed. To do this, there are intuitive programs, such as Flixtime or Animoto, with which you can do everything quickly.

Material provided by the photobank Fotolia Thanks to them for that!
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2 comments on the article “Tips for Using Images on Websites and Blogs”
And if you need to look for a photo every day – what then? After all, you can’t do any photoshop with photoshop.
If you download photos from other search engines, for example, Indian or Thai, and then edit them – will this option work?

Konstantin, there are different opinions about this. Someone is looking for images with a Creative Commons license (including on Flickr), someone is buying, someone is looking for in search engines on the Internet. For a personal blog, I think you can apply the latter option, for a professional project with a reputation, fame, I completely allow the purchase of pictures.

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How to choose the best illustrations for your site
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