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Thousands of dollars of passive income for web designers

Skilled web designers who want to receive passive income are now in a rather favorable position. As more and more companies enter the Internet market, the work of web developers, including designers, is in great demand. Hence, many different opportunities for passive income. I once considered a similar issue for bloggers and webmasters, today we’ll talk about web designers.

Before proceeding directly to the consideration of all options for generating income, let’s define the concept of passive earnings. In fact, they can be considered any income that does not require significant time resources. You can provide support to users or update the product, but most of the work needs to be done before the start of sales. In the preparation of this article I used this publication.

Now is a great time to write and sell e-books. Last year, sales of such books increased by 46%. In the same way, the pace of the purchase of reading devices (tablets, readers) is also increasing.

Designer Sacha Greif earned $ 15,000 + in his book on User Interface Design, which was written in 3 weeks.

Designer Sacha Greif earned $ 15,000 +
Web designer Jim Gray also received a little over $ 15,000 over 6 months with his Clean Ruby book. He shared some thoughts, tips and statistics on his blog.

Web designer Jim Gray received $ 15,000
Application designer Nathan Barry earned $ 6,000 + on the very first day of selling his e-book. He told a little about his achievement and sales organization strategy here.

Application Designer Nathan Barry Earned $ 6,000 +
If you are not very impressed with the above amounts, I repeat, this is passive income.

Quite a lot of people all over the world want to learn the web design profession. At the same time, they are eager to receive high-quality professional information. Online courses can help. You can post them on your website / blog or use the services Treehouse, Code School, Udemy, specifying whether they want to publish your course.

As for income. For example, designer / developer Chris Converse has around 3,500 subscribers in his online Udemy course on responsive design. The subscription price is 150 dollars. About 2 years ago, with half the number of subscribers, the author of the course earned $ 80,000.

Online designer earnings courses
Now there is also an increase in sales of mobile applications. Therefore, the demand for various kinds of educational, entertainment and other types of mobile programs will continue in the next couple of years.

Nathan Barry earned $ 30,000 in one and a half years from its first launched OneVoice app. Another personal productivity app, Commit, earned him $ 6,000.

Mobile applications
In his post, telling about personal experience of earning money, Nathan Barry advises to start making their mobile applications now. It is clear that to create a mobile application you may need an experienced developer. You can find yourself a reliable partner and jointly develop these programs.

We are talking about WordPress templates because this CMS is the most popular platform in the world. Although here, in principle, can be attributed to other content management systems. Actually, the templates allow the user to get a beautiful website design quickly without the risk of falling to low-quality designers: find a theme – buy – install.

In one of his reports, web designer Kriesi shares his impressions and thoughts on how to sell templates for $ 1,000,000 (yes, it’s a million bucks!).

WordPress Earnings Designer Templates
Entrepreneur John Saddington built a successful business with one single Standard WordPress theme. According to him, creating a template is not so difficult.

WordPress Earnings Designer Templates
If you are good at sales, promotion, then you can simply order the creation of a professional template from designers, and then make money on it.

In general, despite the fact that the original article was written about a year ago, all these methods of passive income are quite relevant now. Here you can add all those earning options on your own blog and website (which is easier and easier for the designer to create), for example, contextual advertising revenue, participation in affiliate programs of the type Depositphotos, etc. I hope the success stories presented in the article motivate you to make your own achievements. By the way, if there is something similar to tell, write in the comments.

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