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6 Tips for Creating One-Page Websites

One-page websites are becoming popular and fashionable now – there is no doubt about it, although they are not suitable for every topic or organization. However, if everything is done correctly, your project can become very successful.

When creating a landing page, as a rule, it does not have a large amount or volume of content. You have only one page to convey your message, and only a limited number of tricks and animations that you can use before the user loses interest.

Most one-page sites have non-standard markup – trying to fit the necessary amount of content in a limited area so that it does not look like a messy pile of information is quite problematic. You can look at the most successful implementation examples on the OnePageLove and Land Book sites.

The potential scope of such projects is different, but some of the most popular candidates for their use are personal one-page portfolios and websites of companies that provide a small number of products, services or services. Make sure that the chosen strategy is effective for your business and activities. There are certain principles that you must follow when creating any website, but the points listed below are especially critical for single-page users.

1. Keep your visitors focused
Make it as easy for your audience as possible. If you consider single-page as an option for your site, then you probably do not have a large amount of content to host on the site. It is perfectly. We sometimes tend to put a lot of unnecessary information on the site. One-page sites do not require unnecessary information, because their only goal is to hit right on target. If you are a designer creating a portfolio website, submit your best works; and don’t even worry about placing mediocre projects or your third-party business related to selling t-shirts.

Clear your site of all unnecessary and use only the information that matters. Despite the fact that this is a good strategy for any site, most multi-page sites can afford some extra information, as the user always knows where the information that he needs is located. in the case of single-page sites, you have, figuratively speaking, only one shot: if the user does not find the necessary information there, you will lose it.

single page sites

We have no question what this website sells.

secret of one-page sites

This portfolio goes straight to the point. And a wonderful, cute minimalist design, too.

2. Create a visual site hierarchy
One-page sites have the task not only to set the focus of the visitor’s attention, but also to present your product or service. If some one-page sites impressed you, then they probably have one single goal: to present the agency’s design work or to draw attention to the upcoming event.

Great design and a focused visual hierarchy can help characterize your site’s goals. You, as a designer, have the power to direct the visitor’s eyes to where you want him to go. It is natural for people to notice large objects in the first place, and small ones in the last. Important objects should not be placed at the end of the page and should not be small.

Introductory paragraphs in large print have become so popular on portfolio design websites precisely because they hit the mark and attract those who are looking for designers. The last thing you would like to see on the designer’s website is which school he attended. But it is important for you to know his specialization, and what design projects he does. Similarly, for a business project, in principle, it is useful to view information about the company’s employees, but its services and advantages are much more important.

Again, you have only a few invaluable opportunities to convey your message to the visitor. So try to use them correctly. If you understand that you have too much content to deliver your message through one page, then create a multi-page website.

simple one page site

Despite the fact that even within the framework of this screenshot we see several different focus points of the visitor’s attention, we can say a lot about what is more important.

hierarchy for the site

We can tell what this company is doing, but the visual hierarchy could be better.

3. Clear navigation
Some single-page sites are static pages that redirect the visitor to external resources. For example, musicians on their page can put the navigation option “Video”, which will send you to their page on YouTube. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and even easier than that (especially in terms of encoding). The only thing a visitor needs to know is that he will be redirected to an external page.

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