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Ready design: good or bad?

Three years ago, when the logo / website design was created only on order, the ordinary brand manager could not have thought that soon IncSping (now Brandstack), Inkd, 99designs, StockLogos and other services of the finished design would come to the market. These resources have completely changed the way companies think about design.

In the internet you can find a large number of articles on issues of finished design and crowdsourcing, as an additional service that exists in a number of projects (99designs, Inkd etc). Some designers and journalists claim that such services cannot satisfy the customers’ need for quality design. They indicate the wide age and professional framework of the participants in these communities and the inability to know exactly which designer (professional or amateur) you are dealing with. On the other hand, the number of designers registered on such resources, and interesting examples of works presented there, make us pay attention to this direction in design.

finished designs
The very appearance of ready-made design resources was the result of the dominant development trend of the 21st century: rapid changes in all areas of life, the search for new solutions and the desire to avoid any rigid frameworks and limitations. Design changes rapidly and becomes outdated just as quickly, therefore services of the finished design are seen as a good tool to meet the needs of companies in a quickly developed and vibrant image.

What about those who are actively involved in creating content for such resources? The team of the Russian ready-made design service MnogoLogo conducted an express survey among their designers to find out why they sell the ready-made design and what advantages they see in it for the client.

Alyona Zhdanova, graphic designer MuchLogo:

“I use this service to realize my creative potential. In the process of working on the logo, several interesting and creative images appear in your head that you want to capture, and the client cuts them off at the stage of the idea. Then I draw new images with black ink or a simple pencil and from this sketch I make a layout on a computer. The process, in fact, is not so simple and fast. Render, correctly build a composition (to look harmonious and beautiful), edit or re-write the font – everything requires attention, rethinking, i.e. time. Many logo makers take at least a week to make a good, memorable logo.

Finding the necessary logo option on the ready-made design service saves the company a significant part of the time that is usually spent on creating a brief and developing a design layout. On the ready-made design service, you can choose the right option in a couple of hours by looking at all the design projects on your subject »

Yuri Konstantinov, street art designer MnogoLogo:

“I place my work on a ready-made design service, since such resources are convenient and familiar to many people. A great advantage of these resources is the ability to choose from a variety of works that differ qualitatively, ideologically and stylistically. In addition, the client is provided with all the necessary sources with which his product can acquire the desired look ”

Evgeny Sklyar, web designer, graphic designer MnogoLogo:

“I have been working in the field of design for 5 years. Sometimes it happens that the customer abandons the project or simply disappears. In such cases, ready-made design services come to the rescue. For me, the plus is that my work will be paid, and the plus for the buyer of the design is that for relatively little money he will receive a unique, high-quality design. On services of such a plan, a good design can be found for 2-3 thousand rubles with all the source code. ”

Nikolai Martynov, web designer, graphic designer MnogoLogo:

“It is very difficult to find a good designer on the Internet. On the services of a ready-made design, you can choose and immediately buy ready-made work you like without any extra effort, by looking at once all the designer’s portfolio ”

According to tradition, after the article I will add a couple of my thoughts on this subject. Although I’m not, let’s say, an employee of the design industry, I have come across two approaches on the Internet – buying a finished product and creating it to order (we are talking about copywriters and texts for websites). I think that choosing a ready-made website or logo design is quite convenient – if there are no particularly strict requirements for the appearance of the project, then you can try to find a ready-made template. In any case, for an additional fee, the details can be finalized. In addition, in this case you save a lot of time, in fact, jumping over this discussion of design, its creation, editing, which is sometimes accompanied by several meetings, disputes, etc. As for the designers, I agree with everyone who spoke out in the article – the opportunity to sell those work options, ideas or concepts that the customer did not like is a good extra income.

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